The Blended Pen & Paper-Teaching Writing in the Digital Classroom by Kimberly Crouch

The Blended Pen & Paper-Teaching Writing in the Digital Classroom

What's included?

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Workbook & Materials
Course Workbook
8.52 MB
Expository Writing Bootcamp ($47 Value!)
212 MB
MODULE # 1-Understanding the New Classroom Setting
Lesson # 1-An Understanding of the Future Classroom
7 mins
Lesson # 2-A Blended Learning Approach-Writing in the New Secondary Classroom
7 mins
MODULE # 2-Creating Learners for the Digital Environment
Lesson # 3-Creating Independent Student Learners- Teach, Model, Apply
9 mins
Lesson # 4-Teaching Students to Read, so They Can Write
6 mins
MODULE # 3-Setting Up Tech for the Blended Writing Classroom
Lesson # 5-TECH FOR STUDENTS- Tech That Will Help Your Students Become Better Digital Writers
14 mins
Lesson # 6-Tech for Teachers in the Digital Classroom
16 mins
Lesson # 7-Setting Up Digital Writing Portfolios
7 mins
MODULE # 4-The Planning Stage
Lesson # 8-Planning for a Variety of Teaching Scenarios
11 mins
Lesson # 9-Properly Scheduling Work in Google Classroom for Success!
9 mins
MODULE # 5-Getting Started with Your Own Digital Writing Lessons
Lesson # 10-Getting Started with Your Own Blended Writing Lessons!
14 mins
Lesson # 11-Modeling Lesson # 2 from The Expository Boot Camp
11 mins